How Celtic Oracle Can Be of Service

Employ expertise in the following areas:

1. Modern Governance:

Strategic Policy Development; Policy Papers; Political Advice and Insights; Program Planning; Board Governance; Negotiating and Negotiation Skills; Strategic Partnerships; Environmental Scans; Change Management; Executive Briefings; Political Literacy

2. Innovation:

Innovation Agendas, Incubators and Seed Funds; Science and Technology Programs and Strategies; Research and Reports on Science, Technology and Innovation and STEM matters; the Adoption of AI and ML, Robotics and Bio-mimetics; Conferences and Summits; Foresight and Futures Thinking

3. Legal Expertise:

Legislative Policy and Regulatory Reforms

Litigation Issues and Management

4. Knowledge Transfer:

Knowledge Creation and Management

Executive Coaching; Mentoring; Talent Mobilization

5. Executive Leadership Programs:

Program Design and Delivery; Teaching

6. Communications and Marketing:

Marketing Plans and Branding; Speechwriting; Presentations; Speaker, Facilitator and Moderator; Events Management; Creation of Summits, Conferences and Speakers' Series

7. Corporate Sponsorship Strategies

8. Consultations and Public Participation:

Citizen Engagement; Youth Engagement; Public Forums; Round Tables and Summits; Consultation Frameworks

9. International, Business and Intergovernmental Relations

10. Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies; Audits and Evaluations; Program Reviews

11. Creation of Advisory Bodies and Panels; Provision of governance advice to boards of directors

Engineered for Success

If you are seeking the benefit of consulting services in any of the executive consulting service areas mentioned in this Overview, Celtic Oracle would be pleased to help you design outcomes that represent success for your organization.

Dawn Nicholson-O'Brien can discuss your unique organizational requirements to ensure that your organization receives the timely support it needs to bring its governance approaches in line with modern practice.


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Presidents, CEOs, Cabinet Ministers, political leaders, and public service executives seeking insights on creating new and emerging directions, have found that Ms. Nicholson-O'Brien is able to assist them.

As you walk through the corridors of modern governance, learn from Celtic Oracle, with an insider's view on how "machinery of government" really operates - and how to align decision-making ecosystems to work to your advantage.

Make Celtic Oracle your secret weapon in your executive and leadership arsenal.

If you are seeking to maximize your organizational resources in order to achieve savings and to employ your organizational capabilities in different ways, Celtic Oracle would be pleased to assist you in this endeavor.

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