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Experience the best of executive consulting services, built on the foundation of four decades of diverse professional responsibilities:

Modern governance - on time, in the moment, with an eye to the future.

Celtic Oracle is your co-architect in designing organizational excellence.

Dawn Nicholson-O'Brien, the President and CEO, partners with leaders around the globe to achieve innovative and excellent outcomes.

Dawn Nicholson-O'Brien, President and CEO, Celtic Oracle

Dawn Nicholson-O'Brien, President and CEO, Celtic Oracle

Executive Consulting Services

1. Modern Governance:

Strategic Policy Development; Policy Papers; Political Advice and Insights; Program Planning; Board Governance; Negotiating and Negotiation Skills; Strategic Partnerships; Environmental Scans; Change Management; Executive Briefings; Political Literacy

2. Innovation:

Innovation Agendas, Incubators and Seed Funds; Science and Technology Programs and Strategies; Summits, Conferences, Research and Reports on Science, Technology and Innovation and STEM domains; Foresight and Futures Thinking

3. Legal Expertise:

Legislative Policy and Regulatory Reforms

Litigation Issues and Management, Legal Education and justice information programs

4. Knowledge Transfer:

Knowledge Creation and Management

Executive Coaching; Mentoring; Talent Mobilization

5. Executive Leadership Programs:

Program Design and Delivery; Teaching

6. Communications and Marketing:

Marketing Plans and Branding; Speechwriting; Presentations; Speaker, Facilitator and Moderator; Events Management; Creation of Summits, Conferences and Speakers' Series

7. Corporate Sponsorship Strategies

8. Consultations and Public Participation:

Citizen Engagement; Youth Engagement; Public Forums; Round Tables and Summits; Consultation Frameworks

9. International, Business and Intergovernmental Relations

10. Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies; Audits and Evaluations; Program Reviews

11. Creation of Advisory Bodies and Panels; provision of advice on governance to boards of directors


Unique to your organization

Custom-Made Solutions for your Organization

Given the President of Celtic Oracle's significant experience across numerous functional areas of expertise, and, with the application of a trans-disciplinary and cross-cutting approach, you will find new solutions for organizational challenges that you confront on a daily basis.

Ms. Nicholson-O'Brien has worked with organizations experiencing major change, and, with those confronting urgent crises that require immediate attention.

Dawn Nicholson-O'Brien is committed to designing solutions with clients that work in your organizational setting - with a focus on organizational culture and decision-making systems.

There is no uniform approach to organizational renewal and innovation.

Creating the conditions for your organizational success requires a custom-made approach - one that is unique to you - and one that helps you to design a successful future.

Celtic Oracle is your partner, working in close collaboration with clients, to produce improved results. The company is dedicated to serving as your co-architect - as you create the desired future for your organization - improving key outcomes today,  as well as for tomorrow.

There are three types of leadership:

  • Intellectual leadership

  • Moral leadership

  • Hierarchical or positional leadership.

Place all of these leadership competencies at your disposal - and make them work to your advantage.

If you are seeking a high-performing organization, and one that is founded on high levels of trust, speak to Celtic Oracle about how the President can help you navigate to reach your desired destination.





Connections that Open Doors

Perceiving Trends and Making Connections

Ms. Nicholson-O'Brien describes herself as a "T-shaped leader", with deep spikes of knowledge in legal, scientific, policy, innovation, management, and, communications domains, represented by the tail of the "T".

Referring to the cross-cutting bar of the "T", this signals her ability to perceive trends across disciplinary and geographic boundaries, in order to make sense of emerging issues and to design and propose solutions that are not necessarily apparent where knowledge is resident in disciplinary silos.

If you have encountered obstacles and challenges that seem to be intractable, and, that require creative ways of doing business, Celtic Oracle can help you find your way forward.

The President of Celtic Oracle can help you to harness the power of professional networks - both those internal and external to your organization - so that you can attain your business goals and objectives.

Large consulting firms can expend very significant resources in helping you to address your challenges.

Today's economy requires that you find effective and efficient solutions that are budget-conscious and that are responsive to your needs.

Celtic Oracle understands the needs of both small and large organizations and recognizes the related distinctions in the operating environment.

The President has extensive experience in devising strategies that are scaled to the needs of diverse organizations and leaders.

Contact the President and CEO

Contact Information


Dawn Nicholson-O'Brien

President and CEO

Celtic Oracle

1 Fessenden Way

Ottawa, Ontario


K2L 3L2


cell phone:  613-986-7708



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